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Discover the transformative power of the Yamuna Pearl Ball, a smaller-sized self-care tool designed with a consistency similar to gold. The black balls are small, which also makes them great for travel. They are a great next step to graduate to after learning all of the basics. These balls are. To practice YBR, you lie over the ball and literally roll out your muscles, almost like dough, following specific routines for all parts of the body. The ball. You can roll before yoga, after yoga, after sports. Anytime you feel tight, tense, uncomfortable in your body – get on your ball. You will instantly feel better. Yamuna Australia Yamuna Balls · Yamuna Pearl Ball. $ Add to cart View More · Yamuna Gold Ball. $ Add to cart View More · Yamuna Silver Ball. $

Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) is a completely original fitness and therapy practice that was created by Yamuna Zake in NYC. YBR combines healing, wellness, and. Creator of Yamuna Wellness Education and Products. Known for Yamuna: Body Logic, Body Rolling, Foot Fitness, Save Your Body Parts, In Bed, Anatomy U. · posts. Therapy Massage Ball - Instant Muscle Pain Relief. Proven Effective for Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Pressure, Yoga & Trigger Point Treatments. Set - 2 Extra. Yamuna® Body Rolling gives you the ability to “work on yourself ” anytime, anywhere, forever. Learn the routines that will help alleviate your chronic muscle. At yamunaLA our mission is to give you the tools to help yourself. Using Yamuna Body Rolling balls, you will learn how to release tight. A great starting point for people who want to explore YBR®. It has a softer edge and more give, while still supporting your body weight. This is the ball we. Yamuna Body Rolling Shop, is your source for balls, foot wakers, kits, pumps, and other body rolling equipment for your next YBR Class. Yamuna Ball Sets/Online Training Packs · a full set of Yamuna balls (the gold, silver, and pearl balls, the black “calf” pair, and a pump). · the full Yamuna. Yamuna advanced blue balls are smaller then the black calf balls and have the same consistency as the silver ball. These are only available to those with. The Yamuna Pearl Ball is great for getting into tight areas like the neck, armpit, and chest. It also can be used in the abdomen. LIVE Total Body Rolling 1 with Yamuna (April 4th in Quarantine) - Yamuna · LIVE Total Body Rolling 1 with Yamuna (April 4th in Quarantine) · Yamuna. $ USD.

Description. The Yamuna black balls are the smallest of all Yamuna balls, which also makes them great for travel. They are a great next step to graduate to. Supported by products, educations, trainings and treatments to help you become what you were born to be, the most perfect you. Black Balls (Pair) - Yamuna. AS IS COPIES The Foot Fix: 4 Weeks to Healthier, Happier Feet · Yamuna Body Rolling Canada. $ CAD. B Mat Everyday 4mm (Long Mat). YAMUNA CLASSES. Yamuna Body Rolling Classes are 1 Hr long and held in a small group setting. Your instructor will show you the patterns and give verbal cuing. Black Balls (Pair) - Yamuna. Black Balls (Pair) · Yamuna. $ USD. Pearl Ball - Yamuna. Pearl Ball · Yamuna. $ USD. Gold Ball - Yamuna. gold ball. Developed by Yamuna® Zake, this approach places your body in proper alignment so that your skeletal system is realigned and you can then access and massage your. Yamuna Home: the place for mind and body wellness. Body-rolling, bone-stimulation, pain-reduction, self-help, foot fitness and learn how to heal your. Videos · The Basics for Working your Pelvic Floor · Intestinal massage with YBR · How to work the abdominus rectus with Yamuna Body Rolling. All DVDs in the sets have been converted to digitally downloadable videos. All shipments to Europe are normal. Welcome to Yamuna online shop. Balls.

Description. If you are new to Yamuna Body Rolling, this ball is for you. The Gold Ball is considered the starting point for beginners, as well as those who. YAMUNA® BODY ROLLING The Yamuna Body Rolling Training is a 10 day course. The course is offered as an intensive, in 2 5 days segments, or over a number of. Yamuna Body Rolling Save Your Shoulders Kit. Price: $ (as of 06/05/ PST- Details) & FREE Shipping. Product prices and availability are. Balls made with ORIGINAL ITALIAN MATERIAL. I feel all the Yamuna materials, see information below. Products = new and genuine Yamuna Products. The slightly smaller silver ball gets into muscles in more detail, providing a deeper myofascial release and deep-tissue massage. This ball is great for the.

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